Being Overseas doesn’t mean you can’t speak to a UK GP when you need to.


Our unique service gives you access to a UK GP 24/7


No more worries about accessing medical help when you really need it most?


Plus the convenience of a UK prescription delivered to your door anywhere in the EU

Now Available to English Speaking Users Across Europe and Beyond

GP On Demand Ex Pat

Here’s a quick overview of what we do, and more importantly, how we do it!

A full package of benefits – all included as standard

GP on Demand Ex-Pat is specifically designed to give you peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

Total Peace of Mind

The service is General Medical Council registered and Care Quality Commission assessed for total peace of mind.

Family Cover Included

Every family member living with you in your household is covered within your membership at no extra charge, with the same unlimited usage.

Parents / Guardians must call on behalf of their Children

24-Hour GP Access

Access to UK based, English speaking NHS practising GP’s 24 hours of every day. As an exPat, that gives you access to doctors who speak your language – less stress and less scope for misunderstanding.



More than just a Phone Line

Yet more benefits – all included as standard

GP on Demand Ex-Pat is specifically designed to give you peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

Prescription Service

For an extra charge, prescriptions can even be delivered directly to you. Prescriptions can be issued into European Union countries. The specific details such as the costs and delivery options of this service will be disclosed to you at the time of your prescription, if you choose this option.

Unlimited Usage

There is no cap on usage so you and your family can call as often as you need. You can call for whatever you would normally speak to a UK GP for but with no waiting times and no language difficulties because you are abroad. Great security whilst you are living abroad in these uncertain times. 


Video Consultations

Telephone appointments are available 24/7 – 365 and video calls are available from 8am to 10pm 7 days
(except English Bank Holidays)

This means that those hard to describe visual symptoms can be seen by the UK doctor – ideal for skin complaints, rashes and other symptoms that are visible

A Tried and Trusted Service

How does the GP Service work?

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Apply Online For Membership

You simply apply for membership here on this site, fill in brief personal details and complete a secure card payment and you are signed up.

Call Our GP Number

You can then dial our GP telephone number, which is answered 24/7 by a team of trained operators.

Operator Books a Consultation

A specially trained operator verifies the caller and books an appointment with a doctor on the rota. You can select a Telephone Consultation or a Video consultation

Doctor Calls You Back

The doctor calls the patient back within 15 minutes of the appointed time – service standards are monitored and achieved.

Telephone consultations last around 10 minutes but can be as long as necessary.

All calls are recorded providing accurate auditing.

3.6m UK users currently have access to this GP service, established in 1998.

Now we’re making it available to English speaking subscribers across Europe and beyond.


Unlimited Calls


Unlimited Call Duration


Your Family Is Covered**


Prescription Service


Prescription Delivery in EU

For the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that you can talk to a UK GP,

register and subscribe now!

What Our Other Members Say

“I’d come back from travelling in the Caribbean and had a nasty insect bite on my arm and I wanted to get an opinion on what to do about it. I used the video service to show the doctor my bite and he advised me on a topical cream I could use to help it heal. It was so much easier to be able to talk to someone about it and made me feel reassured.”

Mrs Janet Laine, 68

“I had been suffering from a sore throat and swollen glands, and wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t get any worse, so I rang the GP advice line. After a short 10 minute video consultation to show the doctor my glands, he advised me on self-treatment, and guidance on when to see a GP if my symptoms did not improve.”

Mr Tom Weiler, 25

“I’d been having trouble sleeping for weeks and I was becoming exhausted with low energy. The GP was able to diagnose me with acute stress and was very helpful in giving me recommendations as to how to manage situations more effectively. It felt really reassuring to be able to talk to a doctor about this and made me feel at ease. I rang the advice line two more times – they have been an excellent support for me.”

Mrs Jessica Ely, 39

“After a few days of uncomfortable pain with constipation, I called the GP advice line. The Doctor was very reassuring and supportive – he made me feel at ease. He explained some simple dietary changes I could make as well as advising me that my painkillers for mild arthritis would also contribute to constipation. I’m glad I was able to have a Doctor to talk through my worries with.”

Mrs Pauline Bertle, 74

“I had returned from working abroad and had a fever for a couple of days. I wanted to ring the GP Advice line to make sure it was nothing to worry about. After a 20 minute consultation the GP told me I could be suffering from a viral condition, but referred me to my own GP for further investigation. I’m glad I contacted the service as I was able to receive treatment for the virus within the next few days.”

Mr Ronal Dunn, 52

(*Except English Bank holidays
(** Living with you in your household. Parents / Guardians can call on behalf Children. Children are not eligible to call the service themselves)

For the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that you can talk to a UK GP, register and subscribe now

Only £9.95 A Month!

Why not download our GP 24/7 brochure to find out more about how our service can help you?

Got a question or want to know more?

Our service is not intended to provide medical emergency assistance or to replace your NHS GP service or any other GP service that you have direct local access to.

If you have a serious medical emergency,
please call your local emergency service immediately.


All GP calls are recorded, providing accurate auditing.
All telephone calls and visual images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

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GP On Demand ExPat, a Company registered in Scotland SC573966
Registered office 19A Melville Place, Falkirk FK1 5RL

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