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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Information

As soon as you register for this service, we will send a welcome email to you with all of the instructions on the service and how to access it, including your personal user name and password.

You will need this user name and password to be able to use the service and arrange GP consultations.

Manage My Membership

If you have been granted access to our GP On Demand App, you are able to manage all of your personal details, contact information, payments and subscriptions and security settings from the App.

If you have lost access to the App or have never accessed the App, please send any query or request to us using the Contact form on our Contact us page


Payment will be made by secure card payment. Monthly payments will then be taken each month by secure card payment on that same date each month. The payment date cannot be changed.

Payments are made monthly in advance. You can cancel your card payment before it is due, including the day that is due and you will have no more to pay.  There is no refund or part refund if you cancel a payment before it is due.

Payments will appear on your bank account as “GP On Demand”.

Cancelling your plan

You can easily cancel your membership subscription using the MEMBER button option in the GP On Demand App. From there you can access your subscription and payment mandate and cancel the subscription. As soon as you cancel your membership all of your benefits will cease. If you are unable to access the GP On Demand App, you can send us your cancellation request via our Contact us page in this website.

Payments are made monthly in advance. You can cancel your card payment before it is due, including the day that is due and you will have no more to pay.  There is no refund or part refund if you cancel a payment before it is due.

GP On Demand reserve the right to cancel any membership subscription and benefits access in the event that the service has been used inappropriately by any subscriber.

What sort of things can I ask the GP about?
  • Any healthcare issue that you feel requires the expertise of a doctor
  • An ache or a pain that won’t go away – we can provide diagnosis (where appropriate) and clinical advice on your symptoms and discuss possible treatments and next steps
  • Sensitive or confidential concerns
  • Explanations of diagnosis or treatment you may have been prescribed
  • Possible after-effects of surgery
  • Side-effects of any medication you’re taking
  • Vaccinations you may need when you’re travelling abroad and other health precautions relevant to your own personal medical history
Will I still need to see a GP?

The GP Telephone Consultation Service provides an invaluable source of diagnosis, reassurance and advice that often prevents an unnecessary trip to a GP. We can help with most questions you may wish to ask a GP, but if you have symptoms that require a physical examination or a secondary care referral, you may have to see your NHS GP.

My Existing GP

Our service is designed to provide you with additional support whenever you or your family may need that help. Our service absolutely does not require that you change or de-register from your existing GP. You will still be registered with your existing GP and can use their services exactly as you do currently. Our service will simply give you more help, 24 hours per day, every day, and include your family household and convenient appointment times to suit you, whenever that may be. We provide the option of Phone or Video call appointments, and you can also have medication prescribed ad delivered direct to you too.

Can I call in an emergency?

No. This service is not a replacement for your own NHS GP or the emergency services. It can provide you with advice and support and answer any routine queries that you may have. It is not designed to be used for urgent medical problems for which you should seek immediate advice from your registered GP, or alternatively call the emergency services. This is to ensure that “hands on” medical attention is not delayed.

How often can I call?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the GP Telephone Consultation Service. You can call as often as you need, secure in the knowledge that all advice will be given by practising GPs who are in touch with the latest advances in medical care.

Prescription service

Please see our page covering this process here

GP Video Consultations

This service enables you to have a virtual face-to-face consultation with a practicing qualified GP in the comfort of your own home or at work, at a convenient time to suit you. It is available between between 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, excluding English Bank Holidays.

The service is designed to be secure, confidential and easy to use; you just need an email address, a broadband internet connection, computer with a webcam and your phone to hand. The service is an enhancement to the current 24/7 GP Telephone Consultation Service and enables you and the doctor to see each other via webcam on your computer or laptop making for an enhanced communication between doctor and patient.

For example you may have pain in your shoulder and difficulty moving your arm properly. This service will help the doctor to see exactly where the pain is and how it restricts your movements. Or you may have abdominal pain – again, you can point to exactly where the pain is helping the doctor in diagnosing your problem and advising you accordingly.

Now you don’t need to leave home or work to see a qualified GP. With Online Doctor, the UK’s first online webcam GP consultation service, you can arrange a virtual face to face consultation at a time that fits with your busy life, from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, excluding English Bank Holidays (telephone consultations are available 24/7).

At home – you don’t need to wait days for an appointment and travel to a busy surgery to wait for your appointment
At work, without having to leave the office
The Online Doctor Service is further enhanced using state of the art 3D medical images and health information, enabling you, the patient, to have a more complete understanding of your condition.

How to arrange your GP Video Consultation
  • All you need to do is call into the service and book an appointment with the operator.
  • You will need to provide an email address and have access to a computer or laptop with a webcam at the time of your appointment. Your phone needs to be located close to your computer/laptop screen
  • Virtual Doctor Appointments are available between 8am to 10pm 7 days per week, excluding English Bank holidays
  • Once you have made your appointment, you will be sent an email to enable you to join the doctor in the online surgery meeting room. Please be ready to access this email link at the time of your appointment
  • At your appointed time, the doctor will call you on the telephone number you provided to the operator. If for any reason there is a problem with the internet or broadband connection, you can still benefit from your GP consultation by telephone
  • Click the link in the email – this will take you to a screen where you will be asked to enter your name then click “Next”
  • You will then see a small window/pop up box which will ask you to “Allow Adobe Flash Player Settings” – click “Allow” to enable the webcam consultation to take place
  • You will then see the Welcome screen with the Doctor showing in the top left hand corner. Please note both the telephone conversation and the video images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes
  • Clicking and dragging from the bottom right hand corner can enlarge the image of the doctor
  • To assist in the diagnosis or explanation, the Doctor may wish to refer to 3D medical images of the body. This will appear in the central section of the screen
  • Once your consultation is complete and you have a clear course of action, the doctor will end your online appointment. You can now close your browser window
Medical Record Access

The GP does not have direct access to your medical records. However with your consent or if the GP believes that it is in your best interests, the GP can send a record of the consultation they have completed with you to your GP to be included in your medical records

Data / Confidentiality

GP On Demand only require basic personal details from you to provide you with membership and access to the GP On Demand service.

GP On Demand is not the provider of the GP / Clinical services. Rather we are providing you as a member, with access to a Professional GP service, provided and operated by a General Medical Council (GMC) authorised GP service, that is assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). That provider operates systems and data controls that are ISO27001 accredited.
GP On Demand will therefore never ask you for sensitive personal information or medical or health information. You will only share that information voluntarily with the GP service provider directly.


The Professional GP services provider, who provide the GP / Prescription services for GP On Demand, are General Medical Council (GMC) authorised, and are also assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The provider is the largest direct GP service provider of it’s kind in the UK, established for over 20 years and with in excess of 3.6m users.

Their data controls and systems are ISO27001 accredited.

Refer a friend

We actively encourage you to refer a friend to us for them to benefit from our services. That person may be anyone that you know, who you have suggested, with their knowledge and consent, that you refer them to us, for us to make direct contact with them to offer our services to. In exchange for your referral being successful and for that person to start a membership and continue it for at least three consecutive months, we will provide you with a £10 gift voucher of your choice, for either Marks and Spencer’s or Argos. We will provide that voucher to you after that 3 month period. To refer an individual, simply tap on the “refer a friend” button within the GP On Demand App and complete all of the required details. We cannot exchange the vouchers on offer for money or any other type of voucher.

How to complain

In the very unlikely event that you have a complaint, please contact us by email at the following address, where one of our management team will respond to you within 2 business days:



We take complaints very seriously and always strive to give the very best service at all times.

We will always be fair with all of our users. We firmly believe in treating others respectfully and we naturally expect that fairness to be reciprocated.

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Our service is not intended to provide medical emergency assistance or to replace your NHS GP service or any other GP service that you have direct local access to.

If you have a serious medical emergency,
please call your local emergency service immediately.


All GP calls are recorded, providing accurate auditing.
All telephone calls and visual images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

GP On Demand is a Trading style of GP On Demand Ltd, trading as
GP On Demand ExPat, a Company registered in Scotland SC573966
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